2018.12.09 EVENT
3rd Anniversary Event & Party on 14th Dec 2018!

Hello Guests !!
Thanks to your huge support, Bunka Hostel Tokyo will be able to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary on 14th Dec.
As a token of our appreciation, we are going to hold Anniversary event! We are looking forward to seeing you on BUNKA’s Birthday!

BUNKA FESTIVAL-3rd Anniversary-
December 14th fri.
The Daytime Event 12:00-16:00 /The Nighttime Event 18:00-21:00

【The Daytime Event】
◎Experience Maiko and Japanese Cuisine
Participation Fee ¥6000→¥5000 for Hostel Guests!
※Reservation required

◎Akihabara OTAKU Tour
14:00-16:00(Meet at Bunka Hostel Lobby)
Participation Fee Free(Transportation fee required)

【The Nighttime Event】
◎SAKE Tasting and Pairing Event
Participation Fee ¥2500 → ¥2000 for Hostel Guests!
*Reservation Required

◎Performance & Lecture of Tokyo Shishi Odori (Deer Dance)
Entrance Fee ¥1500 → FREE!!! for Hostel Guests!

【All Day Event】
◎Galette stand ’ISOP’
Japanese Local Cuisine × Galette (limited 45 plates.)

◎Experience Maiko and Japanese Cuisine
Maiko(FURISODE Girls) will come to show you the Japanese Culture, and the authentic Japanese lunch food and sake will provide you.
[What’s ‘Maiko’?]
Maiko is the practitioners of the geisha who is professional entertainers who attend the guests during banquets with a variety of performing arts at ASAKUSA area. Today, we cooperate with a group named “FURISODE girls” which is the training team of Maiko and organize the experience lunch event with Maiko for the revitalization of our traditional culture.

◎Akihabara OTAKU Tour
2hours walking tour to Akihabara for exploring the OTAKU culture.
You will be attended to the place not listed in the guidebook!

◎SAKE Tasting and Pairing Event
SAKE is a Japanese traditional alcohol beverage brewed from rice, and there are many kinds of SAKE throughout Japan.
In this event, we will have sake lesson about its history and characteristic while serving several deferent types of seasonal SAKE!

◎Performance & Lecture of Tokyo Shishi Odori (Deer Dance)
Shishi-Odori is a kind of traditional performing arts from Iwata prefecture, having a history of hundreds of years. They will dance to pray for good luck of BUNKA HOSTEL. After the show, we will have a lecture to tell you about the background of the special costume and the actual situation in Iwate.

Why don’t you join us such an unforgettable event which give you ideas of Japanese culture?