Sense of comfortableness we implicitly have between us, through our lives in Japan.
This is what we want to deliver to guest as amenity.
Feel and enjoy the invisible code we have as a base of “our culture” through following experience;
Small but considerate bunk bed, Izakaya(Japanese-style bar)
which moderately leads to outside like as Engawa(Japanese veranda)and minimal wholesome food.


Without being bound to the existing images of "Japanese-ness" and "Contemporary" that are adopted in many of the accommodations targeting foreign visitors in Japan, "BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO" will provide the environment where carefully scrutinize for what is exactly needed for our guests.
The "Japanese-ness" are naturally existing in us without recalling ourselves of being Japanese people.

As long as we, who are now living in this moment, set our mind on delivering hospitality to the guest with natural heart, the "Contemporary Japanese-ness" will be definitely established without aim for adopting the old Japan's "Japanese-ness "
Since the most important thing for accommodation like us is to consider the "Cleanliness" as the first priority, we use Japan-made tiles which are not just only functionally excellent in strength and stain and water resistant but can also represent to the cleanliness as the key material of this hostel.

This is how we crate the symbol mark of the 円(EN=circle) made up of small squares.
The circle represents the "Connection between people= 縁(EN=bonds)", and the orderly-look grid pattern is the symbol of the cleanliness, trust, and sense of security.
Moreover, this grid is also deployed in the design, such as bunk beds, and signs, it gives a clean and comfortable space which suites to "BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO".
This symbol mark has the same slope as the earth's axis, representing the feelings that we want to connect with people on a global scale.