IZAKAYA BUNKA, faced on Sushiya-Dori(Sushiya street), is an open space
where anyone can easily drop in and enjoy your own time or making connection with others.
We serve you mainly Japanese Sake and IZAKAYA BUNKA's special popular dishes withhere.
  • BUNKA NABE (Hot pot)
    Izakaya Bunka offers hot pots for each season prepared only with the best stock made of bonito and kombu seaweed.Our shop's selection of ingredients dates 200 years back to the Edo period, where the same choice of green onion and chicken meatballs were used to make the best Hot pots. We welcome you to have a taste of Japanese history.
    From 1170 JPY
  • BUNKA BENTO (Box meal)
    IZAKAYA BUNKA fill the daily fresh meal in the special box with care. Our special night BENTO will fit your favourite drinks perfectly. (Not for Takeout)
    780 JPY
  • BUNKA Set
    A special discounted combo set containing 1glass of IZAKAYA BUNKA's recommended Japanese Sake and 1plate of a seasonal side dish.
    600 JPY
  • O-SOUZAI (Side dish)
    Don't miss tasting our various kinds of Japanese style side dishes cooked by fresh seasonal ingredients, you will sure find a perfect one for your drink.
    From 300 JPY
  • SAKE
    Our shop offers ample variety of Sake from all around the country. Japanese sake differs widely depending on the area, local cuisine history, and even changes with the season. Our sake is served in 90 ml glass, so you can feel free to compare and enjoy the abundant flavors.
    Draft Beer (Medium Size 600 JPY / Jumbo Size 1170 JPY)
    Japanese Sake (Hangou=90cc from 350 JPY)